SPOT Quotes

lunch by lake

Why go on SPOT? Check out what some of our leaders and participants have to say:

“I truly believe that every student coming into Stanford would benefit from this program… Being from New York City, I had never done anything like backpacking before, and can now confidently say that I am a real wilderness lover. Thank you SPOT!”

“SPOT was the perfect way for me to start my Stanford experience. There’s something about being with a group of people in the woods for a backpacking trip that makes everyone equal. This unique experience takes some of the intimidation out of leaving high school to come to Stanford.”

“Coming to Stanford my freshman year, I knew absolutely no one. SPOT was my first introduction to other students and I was able to connect with them on a much deeper level than just surface introductions. … The SPOT community is awesome, welcoming, and easy going. …Participating in SPOT allows me to reconnect every year.”

“This program is valuable and influential for incoming undergraduates. As a SPOTlet, SPOT made a huge difference in how I approached college. I was a more confident person because of it.”

“I’ve been a SPOT leader three times as well as participating in SPOT and the experience has been amazing. …As a friend and mentor I get to know a small and awesome group of people really well by sharing the experience of SPOT with them.”

“I did SPOT before my freshman year and it was a truly magical experience. The people I met are some of the closest people to me, not only at Stanford, but in life in general. I’m in awe of how a program could do this in such a short period of time…”

“I was able to meet and get incredibly close to 13 new friends and I don’t think there is any other organization or activity where I can do the same.”

“I learned how nature can bring people together and what it means to get to know someone well.”

“I repeatedly tell people that leading SPOT two years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Stanford. …SPOT has given me the opportunity to grow so much as a person. I’ve learned useful hard skills and developed important soft ones. I’ve gotten to know myself better as a leader and a team, I have an idea of my strengths and an understanding of when and how to ask for help.”