SPOT – Leadership

Check out the links on the right hand bar for specifics on leadership roles, requirements, course offerings, equipment, commitment needs and Frequently Asked Questions!

Mark your calendar:  

  • SPOT Leadership Commitment is due to Antja at the Outdoor Center ASAP.  If you missed Leadership Commitment Day in White Plaza, on May 1, check out the Leadership Commitment here for info on upcoming deadlines to still be apart of Leadership (leading and Crew).
  • SPOT Leadership Retreat On-Campus Wild Dinner(optional, but super fun!)  Tuesday May 12.  Wilderness dinner on-campus.  6pm.  Location: TBD.
  • SPOT Leadership Commitment paperwork:  (both hardcopy and online bits) due by May 20, 2015.  After May 20?  contact Antja if you might want to help Crew!
  • SPOT 2015 Leadership Dates:  September 5-15, 2015
  • Missed opportunities for 2015, but keep in mind for 2016: Enroll in course requirements to Lead.  Details laid out here.  
    •      Outdoor 405:  sections offered fall, winter and spring quarter.
    •       Outdoor 406A:  sections offered over Thanksgiving Holiday, Spring Break, and post-finals in June.  Mark your calendar!
    •       Surg 110:  sections offered fall, winter, and spring quarter.
    •       Surg 224:  sections offered fall, winter, and spring quarter  -or- Surg 226:  sections over in late September (after SPOT), Thanksgiving Holiday, and Spring Break
    • Admit weekend SPOT Hike the Dish!  Back by popular demand.  We need you (whether you’ve led SPOT or not) to pump Admits up!  Sign up here to bring good vibes and, you know, promote SPOT.

Make SPOT 2015 your September priority!  Swing by the Outdoor Center if you have questions!  

Most esteemed future SPOT Leadership, you’ve come to the right place!

Had a great time on a SPOT Trip? Didn’t have the chance to do SPOT but want to be involved? Want to solidify the leadership skills to enhance your life and make the chance available to 10 more incoming students by becoming a leader? The countdown continues to SPOT 2015 and your getting involved in SPOT Leader training will invite you into a community of like-minded outdoors-types, and open your leadership journey towards being more enhanced, more prepared, and more thoughtful! There are four parts to becoming a SPOT leader. You are not required to take all four at the same time, but you must take (or be taking) OUTDOOR 405 before enrolling in OUTDOOR 406A.

It takes a lot of energy and organization to put an event like SPOT together, and there are roles for a variety of different leaders, with different backgrounds. The SPOT program needs leaders like you for:

  • Wilderness Backpacking (backpacking trips that travel roughly 4-7 miles a day carrying all group supplies)
  • Basecamping (group camps at a base-site and plans day adventures hiking, visiting interpretive centers, learning about the local flora and fauna of the region)
  • Service Learning:  Sustainable Farming (dormant program, last offered in 2013; not on 2015 schedule.  5 day stay on a local farm, run in-part by the Stanford Farm Education Program, and Stanford Food Project)
  • Service Learning:  Food Justice and Urban Agriculture (dormant program, last offered in 2014; not on 2015 schedule.  5 day urban experience, run in-part by the Haas Center and supported by VPUE)
  • Crew: helps put on the SPOT event, works as logistical team, coordinates gear, food, support, entertains, and has fun. Crew also serves as command center operation in specified trip-areas to run support and enjoy a couple days in the woods while SPOT runs.
  • SPOT Summer Manager: one current student or recent graduate who coordinates SPOT logistics and communications with participants as a summer job. See SOE employment page for posting.